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How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Processing time is 1-3 business days, and then your order will be shipped. Shipping time varies depending on your location. See the shipping & Returns for more details.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from Montreal, QC, Canada.

Do you do custom work?
Absolutely, Contact us and let's get that project started!

Do you accept returns?
Yes, we accept returns of unopened items within 30 days of receiving your order. Opened, used or custom made items can not be returned. 
You will be refunded within 14 business days after we receive the returned items. Shipping costs will not be refunded. See the shipping & Returns for all terms and instructions.

Can I return a Knuffel product that I bought at another store?
No, only items ordered in this website or in our etsy shop can be returned to us. Knuffel products that were purchased at other stores will not be accepted.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Do I need to pay sales tax?
Orders outside of Canada do not need to pay sales tax. Orders in Canada are currently not required to pay GST either.

Will I need to pay Customs Duty?
That depends on the local laws in your contery of residence. Knuffel is not responsible for paying any customs duty that might apply to your order.

Can I view the prices in my currency?
Yes, you can visit our Etsy shop, where you can view and buy in your own currency. 

Can I pick up my order in person?
Unfortionatlly no, since we are currently located in a privet residence. We hope to offer this option in the future and to meet you!

How will you package my order?
Your order will be shipped in a compostable non-plastic protective sleeve. If your order contains more than one item, we may package the items in one sleeve in order to reduce waste and avoid charging higher prices for the materials. 
Your order will be shipped in a rigid mailer with carton backing to insure it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.

My order is a gift. Do you offer gift wrapping for my package?
Yes, we do! We offer festive twine tying and a printed personal note written by you, FREE of charge. Check the option "This is a gift" at checkout for more options. 
*Currently not available for art prints sent in mailing tubes.


Product MATERIALS & Information

What paper do you print on?
Greeting cards: printed on heavy archival, acid free, smooth paper that is FSC certified.
Weight: 232gsm (60lb cardstock), thickness 11mil or 229gsm (60lb cardstock) and 10mil thickness. Each card description includes the specifications.
Postcards: printed on sturdy alpha cellulose base stock. Weight: 232gsm (60lb cardstock). thickness 11mil. 
Notebooks: the cover is printed on archival, acid free, smooth paper, FSC certified.  Weight: 229gsm (60lb cardstock) and 10mil thickness. Inner pages: white, FSC certified, weight: 90gsm (24lb text), non-archival.
Wrapping Paper: printed on 10% recycled (PWC), FSC certified paper. Opaque paper or glossy paper, depending on the design. (Each product description includes the specification). Weight: 104gsm (70lb text)
Gift Tags: printed on extra sturdy white cardstock, acid free, FSC certified. Weight: 330gsm (88lb cardstock), thickness 16mil. 
Art Prints & Posters: printed on archival, matte, acid free FSC certified paper.

What is the difference between archival and non-archival paper?
Archival paper is a high quality paper that is able to maintain its qualities for over 100 years, if handled correctly. Archival quality is a valuable feature in paper products that you intend to enjoy and cherish for a long time.  Non-archival paper is manufactured differently, thus is not gaurentied to last as long. Both archival and non-archival paper might appear similar in color quality, wight and texture.

Are your products archival quality?
Some of our products use archival paper: Greeting cards, Notebook covers and occasionally other products (they will be tagged as archival). 

What is the differance between recycled paper and FSC certified paper?
Recycled paper contains 1%-100% reperposed paper. FSC certified paper confirms that the manufacture meets the global standard of preserving the forest ecosystem and fair pay to workers and indigenous communities. Recycled paper can either be or not be FSC certified. FSC certified paper can either be or not be recycled.

Are your products recycled / FSC certified?
Yes, our products are FSC certified. Some of our products also contain recycled materials. Each product description contains full specifications. All of our paper products can be recycled.

Where do you print and make your products?
Most of our products are printed and made in our studio in Montreal. You can find us making our greeting cards, notebooks, gift tags, art prints and more. Some of our products are printed by our trusted partners in the USA and Canada (such as: wrapping paper). All products are designed by knuffel and shipped from our studio in Montreal.

What printing method do you use?
We use digital printing, with an Inkjet printer that uses archival inks.

What are the the compostable non-plastic sleeves made out of?
The bio sleeves are made out of plants (PLA). they are FDA approved, but do not last forever like plastic sleeves (and thats a good thing, right?:-)) 

What is the process of creating a product, from start to finish?
Normally it will start with many scrapped sketches, and then will finally be illustrated with pen on paper. The next step will be scanning the image, digitally coloring and adding graphic design when needed. Then we will run a low quality test print to make sure that things are aligned correctly. After that we will run a high quality test print to confirm that the colors are turning out right and that the feel, size and general quality is as expected. Visit our blog if you're interested in more behind the scenes!

Do you do collaborations?
We'd love to talk to you about collaborating! Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.


Can I use Knuffel's images in my blog / website / article / any form of publication in order to write about Knuffel?
Yes! but please make sure to credit Knuffel and provide a link to our website. Thanks :-) 
Please note that we reserve the right to request that you remove our images at any time without providing a reason.

Can I use your content?
All of the content is copyrighted and is intellectual property of knuffel. Using images, designs, texts, reproducing, selling, modifying and any other use of the content is prohibited without written permission. 
Feel free to contact us with any question.


Didn't find what you're looking for? Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to answer any question!